Casa Don Roberto

At Casa Don Roberto we believe in the value of authenticity. We are one of the main producers of tequila and owners of one of the last distilleries operated and managed by Mexican hands; a company run by three members of the founding

family that started it all in 1924, as we are convinced that tequila is a drink that has to be made by understanding the spirit and voice of the land. As Laura Esquivel wrote in “Like Water for Chocolate”, love is not thought, it’s felt or not felt.

Thus, our tequila tastes of patience, of devotion. Not only because of the years the plants wait to be harvested, but because of the dedication with which they must be cared for as they grow.

The Harvest

When the time comes, the jimador lifts the agave with surgical mastery, as if asking permission from the earth to extract its heart and offer it to the gods. That heart is the very essence of tequila.

Nestled in the famous plantation town of Tequila, we find the blue agave fields.  Here, we use the same ancient planting and harvesting techniques of the agave and plantation workers still harvest the plant by hand, using only an ancestral cutting tool known as coa.

Jalisco’s agave is famous for the staple sweet flavor unlike any other in the world.  The hand-picked, coa-cut plants extracted straight from the fields are an spectacle worth seeing.


Our family landed in Mexico from Spain as early as 1840, and established themselves in the town of Tequila. There, they learned and perfected the art of making tequila in their first two haciendas: San Andrés y Santo Tomás. In 1924 La Arenita distillery was funded, where Don Roberto Orendain González started producing this fine spirit.

In 1963, Don Roberto Orendain Jr. Launches Tequila Virreyes, one of our first commercial successes. In 1995, Casa Don Roberto opened Hacienda La Purísima, perhaps the largest distillery in the tequila industry nowadays. The new magnificent facilities allowed the sustained growth of the brands under the seal of Casa Don Roberto and consequently their introduction to a worldwide market


At Hacienda La Purísima, we have our own lienzo, where our very own award-winning charro team delights visitors with magnificent performances of movements on horses of pure lineage.

The lienzo charro is the perfect stage for this horse exhibition, that combines riding, superb acrobatic skills and the colors of its folklore.

La Purísima

Today, our ultimate goal is to preserve the artisanal process of tequila, while we continue to be a benchmark for generating employment in the Tequila community of which we are part. This is how Casa Don Roberto combines the value of inheritance with the knowledge almost 200 years of knowing how to make tequila.

The distillation process, no less meticulous and precise, is carried out under the watchful eye of our Tequila Master, Don Roberto Orendain González, Jr., who takes care of and monitors the step-by-step process, from the selection of the plants to maturation in barrel.

In our cellars, rest in the darkness thousands of white oak barrels, where the Reposado and the Añejo patiently get their unique flavor, taste and aroma.