La Purísima

Tequila Don Roberto found a shelter in La Purísima, property of one of the few founding families of tequila industry which is still in the business. A 100% Mexican family, they know how to merge legacy with nearly 200 years of experience in making Tequila. This place exudes history and authenticity. We are convinced that tequila is a drink that requires understanding of the spirit and voice of the land. Just like Laura Esquivel wrote in “Like Water for Chocolate”, love is not rationalized, either you feel it or not. Likewise, our tequila tastes like patience, like devotion. Not just because plants wait so many years to be harvested, but for the required dedication to care for them as they grow.


Our family roots are in North Spain. They migrated to Mexico and in about 1840 started producing Tequila in the region. There they learned and perfected the art of making tequila in their two haciendas: San Andrés and Santo Tomás. In 1924, La Arenita distillery was founded, where Don Roberto Orendain G. started producing this fine distilling process.

In 1963, Don Roberto Orendain G. Jr. launched Tequila Virreyes, one of our first commercial successes. By 1995, Casa Don Roberto established its home in Hacienda La Purísima, one of the main distilleries in the tequila world under the watchful scrutiny of Don Roberto Orendain G. Jr. In this cozy place, his love, passion, history, and knowledge produced the best tequilas for the world. In 2021 we mourned the passing of Don Roberto Orendain G. Jr. who left his two sons Abelardo and Gabriel Orendain A. in charge to continue with his legacy.


Preserving our country’s culture, keeping our roots, taking care of our people and respecting our traditions, are things we do every day. In Casa Don Roberto we pay tribute every day to three icons of Mexico: Tequila, Charrería and the Mariachi. Besides being known as pioneers in the tequila industry, our family is also famous for being awarded several consecutive years in Charrería competitions. This national sport which is also a World Heritage, is a passion that flows in our veins.

The process

When harvest time comes, the jimador raises his arm with surgical mastery, as if asking the earth permission to extract the heart and offer it to the Gods. That heart is the very essence of tequila. We are located in a small town where this drink had its origins: Tequila, Jalisco. We use the same ancient techniques for planting and harvesting. Our jimadores still do the job manually, using tools of ancient origin, such as the coa, a special type of knife. Baking process is slow and precise, still done in traditional ovens which provide that peculiar touch of calmness. After several hours of baking, we acquire our delicious agave juices. Pines are manually extracted from the ovens and they are taken to the mills where rollers extract the remaining juice to the last drop. Next comes fermentation. An open and natural environment allows us to preserve those notes which feature our products. Distillation process in alembics with copper spiral tubes is not less scrupulous and is carried out under the watchful eye of our Tequila Masters Abelardo and Gabriel Orendain A. who carefully supervise the process step by step, from plant selection to aging in barrels. Thousands of white oak barrels rest in the dark in our wine cellars, where the rested, aging and extra aging tequilas patiently get their unique flavor and aroma.

Casa Don Roberto Hacienda “La Purísima” Carret. Internacional #100 ote. Tequila, jalisco, México c.p. 46400 T. 374 742 2321